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New England Invents is a dynamic 501(c)(3) non-profit that educates, promotes, and supports independent inventors.

What We Offer

Speaker Series

Online and in-person seminars where inventors learn from industry experts and also get the opportunity to meet with other inventors.


Product Pitch

Opportunity for inventors to present their products to a panel of experts.  Inventors will receive constructive feedback and input on how to improve their pitch.

1 on 1 Consulting

In-person or virtual consulting with an expert at any time during an inventor’s commercialization journey.


Why become a member?

Financially Accessible

NEI memberships are $40/year. We do no require a large upfront fee or equity from the inventors we assist. We're committed to offering low cost, high quality support all independent inventors.


NEI members enjoy a supportive and collaborative community of independent inventors, service providers, and experts where inventors can connect and interact with like-minded individuals who provide a safe and nurturing environment to grow their ideas.

Flexible Learning Options

NEI education includes monthly seminars as well as evening and weekend one-on-one consulting. Our educational certification course, currently under development, will be offered online, providing flexibility for independent inventors of all backgrounds.


NEI membership includes mentorship by other independent inventors who have had success in commercializing their products. Inventors can expect sound, honest advice at all stages of the product commercialization journey. We measure our success not by your success, not by how much revenue we make from you.


Partner with us to make innovation inclusive for independent inventors of all backgrounds working to turn product ideas into reality​

Creative men talking at networking event, sharing startup ideas and discussing new innovation at business conference. Diverse group of people meeting, collaborating or having a conversation in office.

What Are We Working On?

Educational Certification Course

NEI is developing a 12-part course covering each step of the product commercialization lifecycle.  Some of the topics include intellectual property protection, product pitch,  funding, prototyping, marketing and PR, licensing, manufacturing, and retails sales.

The certification course is designed to offer an immersive learning experience for students by incorporating video interviews with various subject matter experts as well as real-life tasks that simulate practical scenarios such as obtaining a business loan.

This course will launch September 2024.

Product Workshop Course

NEI is developing a two-day workshop where participants will work in teams to solve everyday problems with a new consumer product concept.  

By the end of the workshop, participants not only will have learned about the process of product ideation, but also product manufacturability and marketability.

The product workshop will launch Summer 2024.



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